a taste of season one

The first season of tasteMAKERS debuts this fall on public television stations nationwide

The maker movement is changing the way America eats.

As we increasingly want to know where our food comes from and who made it, entrepreneurs are rolling up their sleeves and becoming bread bakers, cheese makers, distillers and brewers.

Our first 13-episode season explores the burgeoning culinary maker movement, taking viewers from Long Island to Seattle to Chicago to Dallas. Each maker Emmy-winning host Cat Neville profiles in the series has a unique story to tell that reflects not only the deep connections that exist within the local food community, but also the character of the various corners of the U.S.

tasteMAKERS follows a documentary-style story arc, taking viewers inside the world of the maker being profiled, exploring the creative process as well as the maker's connections within the culinary community, finally landing in the kitchen to cook up something delicious.

Viewers learn what drives these makers, what inspires them, how they approach their creative process, how they learned their craft. The series explores the process itself and how artisans do their work, uncovering regional food culture along the way.

These are the incredible makers you'll meet in our first season:

  • 101: Preserved: Heritage pork and grass-fed beef become artisan charcuterie at Left Bank Butchery | Saxapahaw, North Carolina

  • 102: Sweet Stuff: Straight-from-the-farm custards from Honeychild's Sweet Creams | Houston, Texas

  • 103: Not So Fast: Peconic Escargots' fresh snails and snail caviar | Cutchogue, New York

  • 104: Fun Ferments: Edible Alchemy's from-the-farm kombucha, pickles and coconut yogurt | San Diego, California

  • 105: On the Vine: Wine, spirits and ciders crafted from biodynamic and organic fruit at Jack Rabbit Hill Farm | Hotchkiss, Colorado

  • 106: Shelled Out: Sustainably farmed mussels, oysters and clams at Penn Cove Shellfish | Coupeville, Washington

  • 107: Extracted: Small batch oils from nuts and seeds at Oliver Farm | Pitts, Georgia

  • 108: Warm & Wooly: Green Dirt Farm's sheep milk cheese | Weston, Missouri

  • 109: Pucker Up: Citrus-infused sour beers from Orchid Island Brewery | Vero Beach, Florida

  • 110: Out Of the Box: Freight Farms turns discarded shipping containers into self-contained farms | Boston, Massachusetts

  • 111: In the Wild: Broken Arrow Ranch harvests wild game from Texas ranches | Ingram, Texas

  • 112: Soy to the World: Artisan tofu and soy milk from Phoenix Bean | Chicago, Illinois

  • 113: Grounded: Freshly milled wheat, rye and corn become artisan bread at Louismill | Louisville, Kentucky

We’ve seen the success of exploratory culinary shows on public television stations nationwide. tasteMAKERS promises to offer a new creative format to further explore the American food movement.
— Cynthia Fenneman, President and CEO of American Public Television

Meet the Makers

Once you get to know the makers, join us for Meet the Makers. We will be hosting these immersive events in nine cities across the country.

Meet the Makers is an live event featuring local makers and chefs with interviews, cooking demos and tastings, interspersed with segments from the series and behind-the-scenes outtakes. After the live show, everyone will be treated to a tasting event featuring  local makers and chefs offering sips and samples so you can meet the makers and taste what they are producing.

Meet the Makers kicks off in Houston on November 11, 2018. For more info, click here!

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