Meet the makers who are defining the American food movement

tasteMAKERS is FOCUSING its LENS ON artisans WHO ARE defining the flavor of American food 



The series 

The makers we are profiling, ranging from an oyster farmer off the coast of Washington to a brewer in Florida, approach their work with a focus on integrity, quality and sustainability as they craft some of the country’s best food and drink. 

Our first shoot of the season was with Orchid Island Brewery in Vero Beach, Florida, where Alden and Val Bing's grove-to-glass beers highlight the region's citrus-growing history. 

tasteMAKERS' first 13-episode season will take viewers into the lives and work of makers who are defining the flavor of American food and drink.  

Each episode follows a documentary-style story arc, taking viewers inside the world of the maker being profiled, exploring the creative process as well as the maker's connections within the culinary community, finally landing in the kitchen to see how to make something delicious with the products featured in the episode.

Viewers learn what drives these makers, what inspires them, how they approach their creative process, how they learned their craft. The show explores the process itself and how artisans do their work, taking viewers to unique corners of the country, uncovering regional food culture and history along the way. 

The Nine Network of Public Media is the show's presenting station and will coordinate directly with American Public Television to distribute the show to public television stations nationwide. 

Catherine has an extraordinary talent to identify individuals who have a unique story to tell. Her warm and enthusiastic spirit makes even humble makers feel comfortable so she can highlight their stories in the most impactful way possible. It makes for great television.
— Jack Galmiche, President and CEO of Nine Network

Meet Cat and see how Feast TV paved the way for tastemakers:

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