Innovation in hybrid yeast strains


Expanding their ever-evolving collection of unique and innovative yeast strains for brewers, Omega Yeast released a new hybrid yeast, Gulo™ Ale. This new tool was created by the company’s Research and Development team by mating two strains in the Omega catalog, the Irish Ale (OYL-005) and the French Saison (OYL-026). It is a true genetic hybrid rather than a blend of the two strains.

“We’re thrilled with how this new hybrid turned out,” said Omega Yeast co-owner and founder, Lance Shaner. “The genetic makeup of this strain allows it to consume a high percentage of sugars, creating a very dry beer, without giving off any peppery, clove phenolics that are typically associated with saisons and Belgian ales.”… Read more here!

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Catherine Neville