B.GOOD's Boston Bibb

B.GOOD is a Boston-based chain of fast-casual restaurants with a unique mission. Unlike other multi-unit restaurants, B.GOOD prides itself on sourcing as much as it can locally and giving back to the neighborhoods where its franchises are located. In Boston, Freight Farms helps B.GOOD fulfill its mission.

In Boston, B.GOOD operates a small farm on an island out in the middle of Boston Harbor that supplies produce to its Boston locations and also serves as a way to allow the kids who attend camp at Camp Harbor View to work the farm and operate their own farm stands. We stopped by the farm and talked with Casey Ballin, the farm’s director, and meet some of the kids who get to immerse themselves in this farm setting that’s just a short boat ride from the heart of downtown Boston.

Back on the mainland, B.GOOD partners with Freight Farms to grow Boston Bibb lettuce for its Cousin Oliver burger, which has been on the menu since day one. The Freight Farm allows B.GOOD to stick to its commitment to source locally year-round: even in the dead of winter, the self-contained farm produces hundreds of heads of lettuce a week.

Catherine Neville