Behind the scenes of the 2018 season

We began shooting the first season of tasteMAKERS in February with a stop at Orchid Island Brewery in Vero Beach, Florida and wrapped our 13-episode season six months later with our shoot in Boston with Freight Farms in July.

Each shoot took five days: two travel days and three intense days of shooting that could easily last 12 hours each. If a maker is up and already to work by 5am, then we were there with them. Chris Roider, owner of Tybee Studios, Jeff Wilmes and Scott Louis, owner of LP Creative Studio, and I essentially lived together for six months, only taking a day or two between shoots to regroup, do laundry and spend a bit of time with family before Kerri, Chris’ wife, pulled their SUV up to the Southwest terminal once again and began checking bag after massive, heavy bag full of equipment for our next destination.

Spending time with these guys was one of the best parts of the experience of producing the season. We have worked with each other for years, but producing tasteMAKERS was different. Traveling with them and experiencing the adventure of the road in new and unfamiliar places was a gift.

Jared Urich is the member of our intrepid team that you don’t have a chance to see. He’s the editor and takes the hours and hours of footage we’ve shot over those five days and sifts through everything, piecing each episode together based on what we’ve captured on location. He dug through footage and captured a bunch of stills, some of which I’m sharing with you here. These shots will give you just a taste of what it’s like to be on the road.

And now we’re gearing up for season two … can’t wait to see what adventures await for 2019!

Catherine Neville