Louismill partners with Kentucky farmers to source grain and corn

Noah Nolt of Family Table Produce partners with Louismill to supply them with organic grain and corn as well as sorghum. Tom and the team at Louismill use only organic grain for a ver specific reason: you can’t wash grain before it’s ground. Anything that was sprayed onto grain as it was growing remains on the grain when it’s made into bread, cereal, cookies …

At Family Table Produce, Noah represents a group of farmers who not only grow wheat and corn, but they also grown and process sorghum, a sweetener that is derived from a plant that looks amazingly like corn — in fact, they are almost indistinguishable. When we visited Noah, he took us on an extensive tour of his farm as well as neighboring farms where chickens are raised in large numbers in a sustainable, humane way (see the photos above) and also the fields where the sorghum is grown. We wrapped our time with Noah in the sorghum processing area.

Wondering what sorghum is and how it’s made? It’s a lot like maple syrup. “Juice” is squeezed out of the sorghum cane, which is then cooked down into a thick, dark syrup. This traditional sweetener used to be very prevalent in the South and it’s making a comeback as people are looking for alternatives to sugar and also getting back to the roots of American cooking.

Catherine Neville