Recipe: Pan-Roasted Mussels with Shishito Peppers


Pan-Roasted Mussels With Shishito Peppers

Recipe courtesy of Tom Douglas, Tom Douglas’ Seattle Kitchen

  • 1 lbs fresh mussels

  • About two handfuls shishito peppers

  • 1 lemon, quartered

  • Salt and pepper, to taste

| Preparation | De-beard mussels and discard any that are dead. You can check to see if open mussels are alive by tapping on their shells. If they begin to close, they’re alive.

Heat a skillet (not non-stick, cast iron is possible) over high heat and add the mussels. Cook and stir the mussels, moving them around the pan. As they begin to open, add the peppers and continue to stir to avoid burning the peppers, until all of the mussels have popped open. Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the pan, season with salt and pepper. Discard any mussels that didn’t open and serve.

Catherine Neville