The East Foundation partners with Broken Arrow Ranch to preserve Texas' wild lands


The East Foundation is focused on environmental conservation in Texas’ wild rangelands.

The non-profit foundation’s mission is carried out in the following ways (text pulled directly from the foundation’s website):

  • Educate the general public on wildlife conservation and the relationship of wildlife with livestock and ranching.

  • Use scientific research to understand and improve the productivity of native rangelands for both wildlife conservation and livestock production.

  • Manage our ranchlands as a working laboratory that includes cattle ranching as an integral part of the overall operations of the foundation.

Proper land management is a key component to ensuring the foundation can meet its objectives. To help control the population of non-native deer, wild boar and other animals on the over 215,000 acres of native rangeland that the organization stewards, Broken Arrow Ranch steps in. Without any natural predators, the populations of these animals can and do explode, leading to overgrazing of the lands and hunger and disease in the animal populations.

Broken Arrow Ranch provides a valuable service to the East Foundation, as well as income for the non-profit. Broken Arrow Ranch coordinates with East Foundation on exactly what animals are to be harvested and how many. The harvests control the animal populations and the meat from those animals does not go to waste. The animal populations are kept in balance, the East Foundation sees income from the harvest and chefs and home cooks are rewarded with excellent wild game that is the essence of Texas.

Catherine Neville