Dean Fearing spotlights wild game at his restaurant in Dallas

Broken Arrow Ranch supplies chefs across the country with wild game.

At Fearing’s Restaurant in the heart of Dallas, chef Dean Fearing, who is widely considered the father of Southwest cuisine, features many wild-game dishes on his menu. Chef Fearing has a long history with Broken Arrow Ranch. He would often head to Broken Arrow Ranch to hunt with Mike Hughes and has been using Broken Arrow’s game since the beginning.

When we visited, chef Fearing grilled Broken Arrow Ranch nilgai antelope, the ranch’s best-selling game meat. The mild, tender meat was paired with classic Southwest accompaniments.

Broken Arrow Ranch game can be found on restaurant menus across the country, from Alaska to Hawaii. Other spots to get a taste of Broken Arrow’s game in Dallas include The Rustic and Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine.

Catherine Neville